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Fail Like a Genius

One of my favorite Disney movies is Meet the Robinsons. In it an entire family celebrates when failure happens. They celebrate because when you fail it means you tried something. Failure is going to happen, especially when you are creating…

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A Business Case for Creativity

Can adding creativity really move the needle in a business? Is it difficult to gather all the stakeholders into one place and spend time just thinking about solutions? We recently completed a project that achieved exactly those results. As you…

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Welcome to BrainSpark

Through this blog, I will be taking you on a journey of self-discovery, idea development, team building, and award-winning leadership creation! Sounds epic, right? The information and products offered by BrainSpark are a game changer for you and your business. I know you…

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Finding Fodder for Ideas

The fodder for ideas is everywhere. However, there are people that believe that all the best ideas have already been discovered. It is my belief that those people are simply not aware that new ideas exist. Have you noticed that…

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