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Creativity And Innovation Need Failure

Creativity and Innovation Need Failure

A killer of organizations is complacency. Your organization may be number one in your field now, but it will not be long before another organization figures out how to do what you do or make what you make. They will do it better, faster, and cheaper. The organizations that survive and excel are the ones that immediately look for the next “big thing” while they are still at the peak of their current success.

Because creativity and innovation are so vital to business welfare, they were identified by CEOs in a poll by Newsweek as the number one leadership competency. 

Here’s the rub, while they are number one for CEOs, the leaders, direct managers, and employees don’t even rank creativity and innovation in the top nine.

Why is this? People are too focused on dealing with immediate issues – email, phone calls, weekly reports, etc. They don’t have the time or see the need to look forward. This requires a shift in mind-set. People need to be educated and empowered to be more forward-thinking and to accept failure.

When we strive to do things no one else does, then failures are inevitably going to happen along the way. What makes an innovative organization is one that accepts failure as a part of growth and knows what to do with the failure. An important attribute of an innovative leader is one that invites their people to bring failures to them so they can be used to move forward.

Success and Failure Are the Same Road

What if I told you that the road of failure and the road of success are the same? They aren’t parallel roads or divergent roads. If you don’t have failure, then you are on the road to mediocrity. Failure and Success are the same road.

Dr. Brene Brown, a famous author and researcher, said: “When failure is not an option, we can forget about creativity, learning, and innovation.” A study conducted in April 2019 by the University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management helped to validate this. The study showed that when we are receptive to criticism, we have more creative thoughts.

Keep Moving Forward!

Failure is going to happen, but don’t let it stop you or prevent you from seizing opportunities.

Meet the Robinsons is one of my favorite Disney movies. An entire family celebrates when failure happens. They say, “From failing you learn. From success, not so much.”  The family celebrates failure because when you fail it means you tried something.

Failure is going to happen, especially when you are creating something new and creative. The question is how are you going to handle the failure? Are you going to let it stop you from succeeding? Absolutely not!

Fail … Like a Genius® System

I created a three-part system called Fail … Like a Genius that teaches you to reframe your thinking about failure and to turn setbacks into successes.

The Webinar

On Tuesday, November 19th at noon, I will be delivering a free webinar to discuss my system. You’ll learn:

  • Why failure is necessary for success.
  • The action steps to take when failure occurs.
  • How well-known, highly-successful people deal with fear and failure.

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The Online Course

Ready to step it up a level and start building a successful life from failure?

The Fail … Like a Genius online course is coming in December. Get the course at a 20% discount by jumping on the waitlist here:

The online course consists of eight video modules that walk through the Fail…Like a Genius system. It provides activities, interviews with people using the Fail…Like a Genius process, and actionable items that allow you to start applying the concepts right away. 

It’s time you take charge of your life and your career. Sign up for the webinar or the waitlist today!

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