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If you are a small business owner, you must have noticed that the internet is full of articles giving advice on things you should do. Experts will tell you to manage your time and your employees well. They will also elaborate upon selling techniques and how to handle clients in a more effective manner. Marketing experts will teach you how to expand your business in new untapped markets. However, no one will coach you upon things that you should avoid or not do. To be successful as an entrepreneur, it is imperative to learn from the mistakes of others. There are certain things that you should think twice about.

Never take work to home

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It is true that you are most committed to your business. You want to make the most of the time available to you in a day. But that does not mean you need to sacrifice your personal life. Taking work to home is a habit that is found to increase stress levels inside an individual. You will find it great initially but working after business hours at home will eventually lead to burnout. It will also create a rift between you and your loved ones. Working at home after office hours occasionally is fine to meet a project deadline but you should not make it a habit. Work from home already? Set a pace and schedule time out of your day so you don’t burn out. Go on a walk, go to the gym, run errands.

Do not attempt tasks that are non-essential

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Many entrepreneurs try to handle more responsibilities than they should. You should devolve some of the non-essential tasks to your employees to get more time for more pressing tasks. Managing your schedule, looking at your emails, and looking at your list of priorities can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s best to do what you know best and allow others to help. You should have a clear mind to focus upon your business objectives as this is how you can grow and expand your business.

Never compare yourself with others

This is a futile exercise that only leaves you frustrated and feeling inferior. There will always be friends and business rivals who appear to be more successful. But you never know what they are going through in their own organizations. If anything, you should learn how to be happy and cheerful despite all the problems in your business. The comparison will steal joy from your life and leave you feeling miserable. Take pride in what you are doing and your achievements. This will give you new ideas on how to do even better.

This is not to say you should not be aware of what your competitors are doing. Always keep an eye on their moves and see if you can make use of any of their business practices. Every entrepreneur must deal with his unique circumstances and your job is to focus upon your own business, not others.

Never ignore your physical and mental health

All entrepreneurs love to work hard, often forgetting to take care of their physical and mental health. Anxiety and depression are common ailments afflicting very busy and hardworking executives and business owners.  You need to understand that work is important but never at the cost of your own health. In fact, you can attain better results if you can strike a balance between work and your mental and physical health. On the other hand, you run the danger of decreasing efficiency and productivity if you ignore your health. What use is all the success if you are not in perfect health to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Your goal should be to avoid burnout at any cost even if it means taking some time out of your business and investing in your health. Remember that wealth and success are only relative, and they come next to your health. All your success is nothing if you are not happy or not in a healthy condition to enjoy it.

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