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How Can BrainSpark® Help Your Business?

BrainSpark® Talent Development is an employee assessment and talent development solutions company that helps businesses align talent with strategy; hire better people faster; and develop leaders, teams, and mission-critical employees. BrainSpark serves clients across all types of organizations, industries, and sectors – from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and non-profits.

Whether you need to hire for an important position, promote from within, reduce turnover, improve team effectiveness, or develop current and future leaders, BrainSpark can help you make the best talent development decisions.

Our Certifications.

We are certified in various tools and platforms to help you run your business better and build stronger teams.

Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC)

The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) is the first global professional association to exclusively represent the business coaching industry. Since its inception in 1997, WABC has dedicated itself to raising the profile of business coaching—still an emerging profession—and to differentiating it from coaching in general. By engaging in disciplined self-regulatory activities to increase public trust in our industry worldwide, WABC has done more than any other organization to identify the tasks, qualities and skills of the business coach.

Kent State University Graduate School of Management and College of Continuing Studies, MBA Essentials Certificate

Certified Everything DiSC® Trainer

DiSC® is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. DiSC® is non-judgmental and helps people discuss their behavioral differences. If you participate in a DiSC® program, you’ll be asked to complete a series of questions that produce a detailed report about your personality and behavior.

Wiley Authorized Partner

  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
  • Everything DiSC® Workplace™
  • Everything DiSC® Sales
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders
  • Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders
  • PXT Select

Sandler Presidents Club/Strategic Leadership and Management Program

Successfully completed a one-year in strategic leadership and management program at Sandler Sales Institute.

COSE Strategic Planning Program

The COSE Strategic Planning Course is a six-month, results-oriented program that delivers concentrated executive-level business education and exceptional business analysis and design opportunities.

Associate Fellow, The Society for Technical Communication

An STC Associate Fellow is a Senior Member who has been formally recognized by the Society for having attained distinction in the field of technical communication.

YB12 Authorized Corporate Plus Coach

Trained and authorized to offer the executive-level programming of YB12 Coach, a global provider of professional development and coaching services.

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